adrian saldanha

Having grown up most of his childhood abroad, Adrian has had a well nurtured imagination from a very young age. A foreigner in every country, he spent his earliest years dreaming about Montreal, the city of his birth. When he finally moved back in his early teens, he found that he didn't quite fit in there, either. He yearned for a sense of belonging, of home and family, and he quickly turned to reading and writing to explore those feelings that he couldn't share with any other. 

Inspired by the model of "the Renaissance man", Adrian has strived to have a varied, multi-disciplinary curriculum. His post-secondary education includes a DEC in International Baccalaureate Science (Vanier College, 2006), a BA with Honours in Classics (Concordia University, 2009), and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism (Concordia University, 2011). Then in 2012, looking for more hands-on experience, he enlisted with the Canadian Armed Forces, for which he continues to work to this day as a Reservist. 

While he was in CEGEP, he was fortunate enough to see the student council mount his play, Field of Asphodels. He then joined Straeon Acting Studios (formerly Carter Thor) in 2012, where he developed his skills as an actor and storyteller. Since then, he's gone on to found an independent film production company, with whom he wrote and produced a multitude of short films, while simultaneously continuing his military training and work as a freelance writer.

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