aris tyros (actra, equity)

Aris Tyros is an award-winning filmmaker and actor from Montreal. His debut short film HOW I BECAME A MOVIE THEATRE MURDERER, has been selected into 16 festivals around the world winning prizes in Switzerland, Egypt, and the United States including 'Best Director'. In Switzerland he met collaborators for his next project LITTLE DEATH, a virtual reality series currently in post-production. His theatre credits include touring JABBER (Geordie Theatre) through the U.S. and playing the titular role in HARRY THE KING (Repercussion Theatre). Film credits include TORCHING THE DUSTIES and MAGIC MUSHROOMS. He’s lent his voice to TV ads, radio commercials, audio-books, and video games. Keep an ear open as it will be featured heavily in an upcoming Ubisoft game. He is a graduate of the Dawson College Professional Theatre Program.

He's lent his voice & body to film, theatre, TV ads, radio commercials, audiobooks and video games. The 's' in his first name is silent.


Represented by: Amanda Tilson


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