edward wong (actra, UDA)

Edward got his first taste of acting when he first appeared in a primary school play as a tree.  Not knowing what to do with himself onstage and feeling a little bit out of place, the experience left him traumatized for the longest of time.  This resulted in him trying to avoid, with success, taking any classes where you had to give a presentation or speech.  It wasn’t until 1995 when he went to Japan to teach english day in and day out to a bunch of strangers that he finally overcame his fear and insecurity of putting himself out there. 

When he returned to Montreal in 2000, he got reacquainted with the craft of acting by working as an extra on film sets.  It was while working as an extra that his mind convinced him that real acting, as opposed to working as an extra, was a piece of cake.  Little did he know what laid ahead!  That led him to taking some acting classes and participating in his first theatre gig put on by the technical students of the National Theatre School in 2007. 

The following year he joined Dramatis Personae, Westmount’s community theatre group, under the direction of Jacqueline Van de Geer.  For the next seven years, he was entrusted with various roles that challenged and helped him develop his craft.  Along the way, he found time to do two plays with Lakeshore Players. 

While doing theatre, he has always wanted to do more film work.  Once again, his mind convinced him that there was nothing to it.  Little did he know that film work has its own set of challenges.  Fortunately, he has had the opportunity to develop his craft in this area by being able to work on a variety of film projects.  Along the way, he has achieved union membership in both ACTRA and UDA. 

Going forward, he hopes to be able to work on more increasingly challenging film roles that will help him to further develop his craft.  He believes that the day you stop wanting to learn is the day you should get out of the business.


Represented by: Kim Vaincourt



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