HErb Luft(ACTRA)


Herb got his start in journalism reporting on his high school's news for the Toronto Telegram. During university, he wrote for the University of Western Ontario newspaper and yearbook, and worked for a London, Ontario radio station reporting university sports and later doing full shifts as a newscaster while completing his BA. 

In 1969, Herb was hired by now-defunct Montreal radio station CFOX as a newscaster and reporter covering such major events as police and firefighter strikes, the 1970 provincial election (where he rode the campaign bus with then Parti-Québécois leader, René Lévesque, and the FLQ crisis. 

Herb moved to CFCF radio in 1971 as a newscaster and later street reporter, where he started doing reports and anchoring occasionally for television. In 1977, he moved full time to TV where he became an award-winning journalist, an anchor and, for a time, Pulse News director. Herb anchored the 6 a.m. newscast since its creation in March, 2000, until its finale in March, 2009. During his time as anchor, he contributed daily as a reporter for CTV News at Noon. 

Herb retired from CTV News in June 2010 where he spent 39 of his last 44 years in radio and television news.  Herb can also be seen in Bryan Singer's, XMen: Days of Futures Past as well as Sony Crackles', The Art of More.

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