Michael Briganti (ACTRA Apprentice)

Michael was born in Toronto but raised in Montreal, where he fell in love with performance at his high schools actors studio program, which led him to pursue his love of the arts by graduating from John Abbott College's Professional Theatre Program.  In addition to entertainment, Michael served in the Canadian Amed Forces for 2 years which was an an experience he will not soon forget.

Having performed internationally in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Michael was a part of the winning team in the 2011 Canadian Improv Games National tournament.

Some of his selected works are: Atticus Finch in John Abbott's production of To kill a Mocking  Bird, Ernst in Persephone Productions rendition of Spring Awakening: The Musical at the Centaur Theatre and most recently he had the opportunity to flex his puppeteer muscles as Raven in the premiere of Persephones Productions original play: The Nesei & the Narnauks, written and directed by Paul Van Dyke.

Credits & online

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