Ryan Doherty (ACTRA)

Named the "Little Actor" in preschool, Ryan has always wanted to become an actor. His love of playing characters and sharing stories brought Ryan to attend the Professional Theatre Program at Dawson College where he trained and honed his craft, playing a variety of characters. 

Having graduated in 2014, Ryan has already shown his talent and hard work by playing roles such as the young and innocent Jordan Dibbles in Raise the Stakes production of "Lunduntown" by Alaine Mercier. In addition, he played the broken but tough Tom in the play "Bengal Tiger" at the Baghdad Zoo, and Infurnaces Montreal premier performance of "Fuddy Meers" where he played Kenny, a troubled teen with family issues. Ryan also performed at Montreal's Centaur Theatre as Nicholas, a young, conflicted student athlete, in Production Canada's premiere of, Punck Rock. 

In addition to performing in theatre, Ryan portrayed the recurring role of Max on the dramatic CBC series, “ Bellevue” starring Anna Paquin, appeared in an episode of CMJ Productions' "Fatal Vows”, the French series, “30 Vies” and has starred in two student films. 

Ryan has been busy this summer with his first ever film that he helped co create and performed.He was also given the opportunity to play Tom, a newly created character in the short film Rest Stop based on the Stephen King short story. Also staring as the tech wizard Nicky in the upcoming science fiction film Quantum Mind.

Represented by: Kim Vaincourt


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